ABOUT Sunflower Aviation Limited

A good customer relationship is priority here at Sunflower.

The Joyce Aviation Group (Fiji) PTE Limited includes:

  • Tandem Skydive (Fiji) PTE Ltd
  • Heli-Tours (Fiji) PTE Ltd
  • Sunflower Aviation PTE Ltd
  • Pacific Flying School PTE Ltd
  • Skydive Productions (Fiji) PTE Ltd
  • Sunflower Tours PTE Ltd

These Aviation tourism companies are owned and operated by Tim and Susan Joyce who came to Fiji in 2003. Sunflower was owned and operated by a Tourism Pioneer, the late Mr Don Collingwood. Tim and Susan purchased Sunflower in 2014 in order to expand their aviation capabilities and to have control over the maintenance and support of their aircrafts. Under new management the team will continue and further develop the legacy and vision Sunflower was built on along with professional and experienced pilots and staff.

With a combined fleet of 11 aircraft, the Joyce Aviation Group is well positioned to offer the ultimate in aviation support for Transfers, Tours, Skydiving and Guest services.

Sunflower Aviation Services include:

  1. Fixed Based Operator (FBO) Services
  2. Resort transfers
  3. Charters
  4. Medivacs/ Search & Rescue Operations
  5. Scenic Tours
  6. Hangarage & Maintenance

Our aircraft fleet and operations are well positioned and equipped to provide a diverse complete aviation service. 

Our fleet

Our fleet are maintained to international standards and Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF) requirements. Our pilots are also trained and certified to international standards and CAAF requirements.


  • 3 pax or cargo
  • Transfers & Scenic Tours
  • 110 knots cruise


  • IFR (All Weather)
  • Twin Engine -Duchess Beechcraft
  • 3 pax or cargo
  • 150 knots cruise


  • Cruise Speed 120 knots
  • Passenger Capacity 7 and 1 pilot
  • Can be flown for charter and cargo
  • Can be configured for Medivac, Search & Rescue or cargo transport
  • Can operate into short rough and unsealed strips
  • Maximum cruise height 10,000ft
  • Maximum range 500nm excluding reserves


  • Cruise Speed 180knots
  • Passenger Capacity 6-7pax
  • All- weather night IFR for cargo & charter
  • Can be configured for Medivac or cargo transport and Search & Rescue
  • Maximum cruise height up to 10,000ft
  • Maximum range 700nm excluding reserves

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